Mike Lyons

Senior Software Engineer

Phone | 301-704-9099

Email | mdl0394@gmail.com

City | San Francisco

Site | https://MikeLyons.org/

Github | https://github.com/frenchie4111


Dor Technologies - Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco | 2015 - Now

  • First software engineer at Dor, responsible for the initial design and implementation of all of the software systems that power Dor.
  • Built a fullstack application that gathers data from thousands of deployed IoT foot traffic sensors and exposes the data as a REST API to the Dor application. Written in NodeJS, hosted on AWS, Docker
  • Built a React frontend application that displays analytics to business owners, empowering them to make data driven business decisions
  • Designed and implemented a low power computer vision algorithm that runs on battery powered IoT devices to track customer foot traffic

CareerLabs - Lead Software Engineer

San Francisco | 2015 - 2016

  • Lead CareerLabs’ team of software engineers to build a scalable and job search and employer rating platform
  • Launched https://careerlabs.com in October 2015

Mark One / MyVessyl - Principal Backend Engineer

San Francisco | 2014 – 2015

  • Created a scalable REST API in NodeJS that runs on the Heroku platform
  • Built a backend data pipeline that processes user data to provide meaningful insights into their health patterns.
  • Worked with iOS and Android developers to create an API that allows for seamless data syncing across mobile devices.

Apple - Software Engineering Co-op

Cupertino | 2013 - 2014

  • Developed simulator tool in Objective C in order to improve the scalability of an OSX Server Application.
  • Created fullstack web application in NodeJS / AngularJS that processes hundreds of thousand of bugs in order to produce actionable insights for PMs.

InstallNet IT Solutions - Intern

Annapolis, MD | Summer of 2011 and 2012


Software Engineering

NodeJS, AWS, SQL, NoSQL, Heroku, React, HTML5, Angular, Java, Objective C, Python

Data Science

Python, Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Keras, C